Work Smart #14 – Ex-British diplomat, gentle anarchist & author, Carne Ross

“Any hierarchy inevitably is going to create distance between the decision making apparatus and the reality it’s trying to arbitrate.”

Founder of Independent Diplomat, Carne Ross, joins us on the Podcast for a macro discussion about company culture, hierarchy, human behavior and management. Highlights include:

-Reducing management control and increasing team autonomy to be more effective

-Why organizations should do more than “sell stuff” and ought to orient themselves towards goals they actually believe in

-Ownership and agency are key in creating a more fair, equitable and engaging workplace

-Operating horizontally and giving everyone a say in company decisions

-Being clear and transparent as a manager – and readily admitting fault

-Valuing all ideas, even the bad ones

-Being rigorous about being nice and consistently behaving in a way that aligns with pre-defined values

Carne can be reached via Twitter, @carneross or via his website.

Carne’s book, The Leaderless Revolution, can be purchased here.
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