Announcing SpeakUp Live – Host More Effective Meetings

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You may have heard: Google Moderator has been discontinued – The tool thousands of companies used to host their all-hands meetings.

The bad news is that companies that relied on Moderator to crowdsource questions from their teams, have been scrambling to find a new tool during these past few months.

The good news is that we have just launched “SpeakUp Live” – a light version of SpeakUp that is specifically designed for Q&A at live events and meetings.

SpeakUp Live is now in Beta and we’d love for you to check it out! Your existing SpeakUp sign-in credentials are all you need to start a meeting and share the link with your co-workers.

Never heard of Google Moderator? Not sure what why it’s good for a company to have regular all-hands meetings? The premise is simple, and aligns with our philosophy here at SpeakUp: communication should be frequent and should flow both ways (upward and downward). Read more about the Google style all-hands meeting to foster transparency and real employee engagement at your company, here.

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