Work Smart #6 – Hastings Singh, Tech Exec & SpeakUp Investor

Hastings is a long time friend of SpeakUp, one of our original investors and a really smart dude – listen in as he gives his best advice on how to structure your thinking to achieve more at work.

Topics include:
-Climbing the ranks in the corporate world
-Catalyzing change and problem solving on the job
-Building a strategy and rallying the team behind it
-Team management and time management tips

The business strategy framework Hastings uses:

Books Hastings recommends:
-The Black Swan by Nicholas Taleb
-Zero to One by Peter Thiel

Podcasts Hastings listens to:
-A16Z, the Andreessen Horowitz Podcast
-Asymco by Horace Dediu and Clayton Christensen (HBS)
-The Tim Ferriss Show, best-selling author