Work Smart #26 – Why companies are better off w/out managers – Doug Kirkpatrick

“Traditional management can’t keep up with the accelerating pace of change in the world today”

Listen in to one of my favorite discussions so far with author, self-management expert and TedX speaker, Doug Kirkpatrick.

Topics covered:
-The problem with hierarchy in business & “the management tax”
-How self-management works
-Why coercion isn’t allowed in society & shouldn’t be allowed at work
-A success story with The Morning Star company
-What the org chart looks like with no hierarchy
-The “uberization” of work

-Commit Keeper –

-Beyond empowerment – Doug Kirkpatrick
-Freedom and accountability at work – Peter Koestenbaum
-The vitality of death – Peter Koestenbaum

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“Traditional management, based on command authority, causes leadership muscles to atrophy”

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