SpeakUp is Now Accepting Closed Beta Participants!

Good news! We are now accepting our first customer trials for SpeakUp. If you manage people and are looking to be one of the first to more effectively tap into your team’s collective brainpower, request an invitation to our closed beta. Or, if you’re an employee and you know that management would benefit from more team input, we’d like to hear from you.

We’re anxious to help you reach the next level in company performance, but please keep in mind that early beta isn’t for everyone. As a participant we will be communicating with you regularly to gather feedback and suggestions. This means direct contact with the SpeakUp founders to ensure that deploying SpeakUp results in tangible outcomes for your business.

If your company/team prefers to wait until public release, sign up and let us know in the comments that you’d like to be contacted when we’re ready to bring on more users.

Preferred beta teams are:

  • Progressive, with forward thinking management that places a high value on employee engagement
  • Early adopters – willing to tolerate hiccups as part of being the first users of new technology
  • Flexible on initial deployment size (number of teams/employees)
  • Able to nominate an internal SpeakUp “champion” to ensure team participation
  • Strongly committed to ensuring that leadership actively “approves,” “amends” or “denies” posts

We’re looking forward to helping you uncover your team’s best ideas and creativity.

Request a beta invitation at getspeakup.com