Repost from Zenefits: “How to Build a Dynamic People Ops Tech Stack”

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Whether you’re an HR professional looking for the hottest new applications to spark employee engagement, or a business owner looking to grow your team for the first time, you might not know where to begin. While you’re building HR strategies, it can help to have an efficient tech stack to support the day-to-day work of keeping your team happy and motivated.

If you’re not familiar, a tech stack is a set of complementary tools and technology used to run your business, or a part of it. The beauty of tech stacks, like this one for Office Managers, is that the tools work together to digitally manage different tasks, so that you don’t have to.

Here are some picks to round out your people ops stack:


LeverJazz, Greenhouse (Hiring, Performance) With tools for every step of the recruiting process, Lever, Jazz, and Greenhouse are three of the most powerful applicant tracking systems out there for growing businesses. They come with built-in referral tools, social media integration, and calendar syncing for interviews—and Jazz offers built-in performance management, too.

Breezy (Hiring) For hiring managers who prefer visualizing workflows in kanban board style, Breezy is a good pick. Teams can source candidates from platforms like LinkedIn and AngelList and drag and drop them into different status categories (applied, feedback, interviewing, disqualified, hired, etc.).

UrbanBound (Relocation) When you’ve found the best candidate for the job, but they live across the country (or the world), relocating them can be a profound logistical challenge. Modern relocation tools like UrbanBound help you move employees simply, track move progress, and provide them with information about their new home cities.


AnyPerk (Perks) From discounted movie tickets and free food delivery to gym memberships, providing perks with AnyPerk can keep teams with even the most diverse tastes happy. AnyPerk grants employees access to over 850 different perks and discounts.

Bonusly (Bonuses) Bonusly takes a peer-driven approach to employee recognition, helping teams reinforce the habit of giving and receiving constructive feedback through micro-bonuses. Bonusly integrates with platforms like Slack, HipChat, Yammer, Okta, and more.


Slack (Communication) Slack isn’t your average chat tool—packed with integrations to your company’s favorite tools Twitter, GitHub, JIRA, Trello, Asana, Google Apps (Hangout, Calendar, Drive) and more, it’s the perfect hub for communication and progress check-ins.

SpeakUp (Communication) SpeakUp helps teams simplify decision-making, by allowing for your entire team to offer solutions to problems. Instead of scheduling long meetings or sending endless email messages to solve problems, SpeakUp offers a quick, unique platform to gather opinions and get things done.

Large (Assistant) Instead of gathering team lunch orders in email, chat, or spreadsheets, leave it to Large. With this Slack-integrated tool, you can find creative ways to keep your team happy, and make it happen with the click of a button. Large works with services like Instacart, Amazon, and Postmates.

Core HR

Zenefits (HR) Zenefits unites core HR and talent tools into a single dashboard for your entire team, eliminating admin work for everyone. You can set up new services for the first time, or connect those that you already use for benefits, payroll (Zenefits Payroll, ADP, Paychex, Gusto), time & attendance, onboarding, compliance reporting, and, soon, hiring and performance management (Lever, Jazz, Greenhouse).

What tools do you use to run your people ops? Tweet us your favorite stacks @zenefits, and learn how to use these to fix your biggest team challenges in The Executive Guide to Growing Your Business.

Author: Catlyn Origitano