How to Ensure a Successful SpeakUp Rollout


Hint: treat it like any other important initiative.

Step 1: Let everyone know that SpeakUp is coming
Make sure your team has context as to what SpeakUp is, and why everyone will love it.  *Do you need an email template?  Drop us a line.

Step 2: If you haven’t done so already, Invite the team and assign a “SpeakUp Lead”
The SpeakUp Lead ensures that all invitees are signed-up, voting/commenting/posting, and makes checking SpeakUp a part of their work-week.

Step 3: Post the first problem – Ask the team for their solutions
And then approve the best one. A turning point will occur once the team sees that leadership is actively listening and making decisions.

Step 4: Integrate SpeakUp into your processes
Make sure when a post is approved or amended, that it is integrated into your work stream. Assign an owner to it and ensure it’s accomplished by a specific date – just like you would for any other task or project.

Step 5: Start replacing existing processes with SpeakUp
Cancel or shorten meetings that exist to solve problems or generate new ideas. Move the conversation to SpeakUp and not only save time, but improve the quality of collaboration.

Step 6: Reinforce, reward, and repeat
Continually reinforce SpeakUp as the place where company problems are solved and new ideas are generated. Reward the creators of ideas and solutions that result in tangible business outcomes. Repeat this process and reap the benefits of team-driven innovation.

What have you done to make SpeakUp a part of your team’s DNA? Comment below.