Are Employees At Your Company Being Heard?


Reposted from CEO Ray Gillenwater’s submission to the Examiner 

Yes, the same companies that talk about employee engagement and then do little beyond an annual survey, will likely also relegate Voice of the Employee to buzz-word soup. These companies will talk about how innovation and excellence in customer satisfaction depend on listening to employees – and then they’ll go about business as usual. Not surprising.

That’s the bleak side of it. There are companies out there, however – modern, progressive companies, lead by 21st century managers, that will do more than just play lip-service to voice of the employee. These are the leaders that already actively seek out employee input to help spur innovation and solve the company’s biggest problems.

These enlightened leaders are actively looking for better ways to replace meetings, conference calls, and emails – tools that to date have proven to been exclusionary and inefficient – with something more modern and more practical.

Fortunately, startups and decades old software companies alike are now building solutions to help companies bring more people into the conversation – in ways that don’t require time-wasting meetings. We are now firmly in the age of knowledge workers, and enlightened managers understand that this means their competitive edge depends on how well they extract the best thinking and creativity from their teams.

How do you approach voice of the employee? What tools and/or processes do you use for “employee-sourcing” new ideas at your company?

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