Work Smart #6 – Hastings Singh, Tech Exec & SpeakUp Investor

Hastings is a long time friend of SpeakUp, one of our original investors and a really smart dude – listen in as he gives his best advice on how to structure your thinking to achieve more at work.

Topics include:
-Climbing the ranks in the corporate world
-Catalyzing change and problem solving on the job
-Building a strategy and rallying the team behind it
-Team management and time management tips

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Work Smart #5 – Keith Barney, SpeakUp Co-founder

SpeakUp Co-founder and Hardcore music legend Keith Barney sits down with fellow SpeakUp Co-founder Ray Gillenwater. They talk startups, creating emotional connections through design and how to best tap into your potential at work. Topics include:

  • Life philosophies that help on the job
  • How to approach communication with different personality types
  • Why meetings and brainstorming sessions can be counterproductive
  • Tapping into your own creativity with walks, quiet time and inspirational content
  • Making emotional connections with people in the age of short attention spans
  • “Just fucking go for it” and other great advice for those thinking about a startup


10 Apps to Up Your HR Game

Guest post by Foo Chek Wee of Zalora (Asia’s online fashion destination)

People in the HR industry are always trying to up their game and create more value for their stakeholders.  Game changing moves can also mean another mountain of tasks appears that needs to be managed, and there’s never enough time. But, leveraging technology is important and can help tilt that balance.

Here’s a list of 10 apps that have made a huge impact to my work life. I am sure you will find it helpful in speeding up your work life as well. Common useful productivity apps, such as Mail, Skype, or Linkedin, are not listed below. Only the less common but useful ones qualify in my top 10 list.

  1. Feedly (web via, free)

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Work Smart #4 – Greg Wade, Senior VP at Samsung

Listen in as host Ray Gillenwater interviews Greg Wade, a Senior Executive at Samsung and Ray’s ex-boss during their BlackBerry days. Greg’s story spans several Fortune 500 companies and multiple continents. Topics include:

  • Progressive and empathetic management
  • Managing work and life in a global role
  • Cultural differences in business: Korea versus North America
  • Greg’s story and tips on how to excel in the corporate world
  • How Greg helped inspire the idea for SpeakUp

Contact Greg on Twitter: @gregorymwade


Work Smart #3 -Travel Smart, The PackPoint Cross Cast

The SpeakUp cross cast with popular Smartphone travel app, PackPoint. Interview with SpeakUp CEO, Ray Gillenwater about his travel experiences while working for BlackBerry in Asia and Australia. Topics covered:

  • Climbing the corporate ladder – across the globe
  • Work/life balance (or lack thereof) while traveling for work
  • Experiences living and working overseas
  • Best hidden travel destinations on a budget

Ray can be reached on Twitter: @RayGWater or @GetSpeakUp

Work Smart #1 – Ben Gillenwater, Tech Entrepreneur

Listen to Episode 1 to hear about Ben Gillenwater’s entrepreneurial adventures and how he balances work, life, sleep and health. Topics include:

  • How Ben hacked Lyft’s referral code to generate $2k/week
  • Juggling 5 businesses and maintaining sanity
  • How to manage a 21st century workforce
  • Hacking diet and sleep for ultimate productivity


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Why Millennials in the Workplace ‘Don’t Care,’ and 4 Things You Can Do

(Originally featured at and Fortune)

I’m 30, an ex-corporate executive (at BlackBerry) and now the CEO of a business-collaboration tech startup. I know a thing or two about millennials at work because I am one; and I’ve managed several. If you are struggling with how best to engage millennials at work, read on: This piece is for you.

Throughout my experience, I’ve learned about why, sometimes, our generation doesn’t seem “to care,” and I’d like to explain to our elders what’s really going on. So, here goes. . .

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